AB/C Plans To Collect Five Tons Of Directories

Angelina Beautiful/Clean kicked off its annual phone book recycling drive Monday

Since the campaign started years ago, East Texans have kept more than 78 tons of old telephone directories out of the Angelina County Landfill. This year's goal is to collect five tons of old phone books. Those books will then be shipped to a Houston business that'll turn them into something useful.

Krista Cloonan, executive director for Angelina Beautiful/Clean, said, "Telephone books are heavy, they take up a lot of space when they get wet, they absorb the water; in addition to that, it's beneficial to recycle them and use them for insulation."

You can recycle your old phone books at several Angelina County locations through September 16th. If you miss the deadline, you can drop them off at the Lufkin Recycling Center.

2005 phone books are already on the way to your home.