Charges Filed In Crash That Killed A Wells Teen

Wells student, Jamye Crawford, died in a crash last April. Cherokee County authorities have now filed a criminally negligent homicide charge against the driver, a 13-year-old girl.

Ed Jones, Angelina County attorney, said, "The offense of criminally negligent homicide is a charge that can be made against a person if they, by criminal negligence, caused the death of another person."

It's been years since an Angelina County court certified a juvenile as an adult, and that decision is based on two factors.

"One is the age. Iif the juvenile is under 14, then certification as an adult cannot be considered in any case. If they are 14 or older, then it goes to the grade of offense for that conduct."

A petition cannot be filed for certification unless the crime committed is either a capital, first degree, or aggravated controlled substance felony.

If convicted of criminally negligent homicide, the 13-year-old accused of causing the deadly crash faces up to two years in a state jail for youth.

If she'd been a year older, she would have faced the same punishment. That's because any juvenile charged with a state jail felony is not eligible for adult certification.

Parents won't face criminal charges if their child takes their car without permission, but if someone gets hurt while their child is driving, they can face civil charges.