Suspect's Wife, and Victim's Daughter Speaks

by Jessica Cervantez

While police are looking for the suspect, Lester Mallord, and the victim, Melvin Wortham, is in the hospital, the suspect's wife (who is the victim's daughter) is at home, trying to make sense of why a shooting took place in the small community of Lilbert.

Debra Mallord says she and her husband have been having issues with her son and daughter-in-law for quite some time.

Mallord says her 74-year-old father had been siding with the grandkids. She said that, after a confrontation, her husband brought out the gun. She says it accidentally went off, shooting her father.

Her husband is still on the run, and she is worried about him because he is suicidal and bi-polar. She says she just can't understand what happened.

Mallord said, "Confusion, this just doesn't make sense to me."

Mallord fears her husband won't call her and that her father won't want her to visit the hospital.