Fire Departments Fight Gas Well Blaze

The Nacogdoches Fire Department was joined by other area fire departments Monday afternoon to battle a gas well fire out in the county. Authorities believe the fire may have been started by a lightning strike. When firefighters arrived on the scene, flames were shooting into the sky.

"The fire was shooting up about 30 feet from the top of that tank. The city came out with their tanker [and] Douglass came out with their tanker. They got the engine over there [and] we started hitting it with foam," says Loco Valley firefighter Bradley Petty.

The fire destroyed a salt water tank and an oil tank. The twisted top of the tank could be seen in the distance, as well as what was left of the stairs leading up to the tank.

The fire was intense, but firefighters say it posed little threat to nearby homes. "Evacuation on a scene like this, with the products they carry in the tank, is usually not necessary unless they're in real close proximity to the accident," said Douglass Fire Chief Larry Hobson.

A worker for the company that owns the well says crews will likely be out tomorrow to replace what was damaged and destroyed.