Lufkin couple hosts church without walls for community

Lufkin couple hosts church without walls for community
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Rain or shine or even the cold weather doesn't stop an East Texas church from carrying its mission. The Lufkin church hosts its sermons at Kiwanis Park every Sunday calling themselves as Church At The Park.

"My wife, Julie, prepares food every week and we try to have some hot food for everybody and hot coffee," said Todd Alston, bible teacher.

Todd and Julie started the Church in the Park a little more than a year ago.

My daughter plays the guitar and sings, so she leads us in worship and we have prayer time where people pray out loud," Julie said.

The Alstons said most of the people come from living on the streets who are facing very grueling challenges.

"Sometimes it's really touching to see people who are really struggling that might not pray traditional church out loud or even go to a traditional church, but that's kind of what we are about," Julie said.

They are making it their mission to provide comfort whether it be through warm meals, blankets, or simply lending an ear.

"I've simplified some things. There are times when we may have 10 people, we may have 40 and so you never really know how much to prepare but we send leftovers home just like you would at your own church social," Julie said.

The duo are channeling their efforts on connect one on one with those who come in as they develop a deeper relationship.

"Sometimes it's better when the group is smaller because people feel more comfortable maybe talking to you about their problems, feel more comfortable because it's a smaller group, more intimate," Todd said.

Breakfast begins at 10 a.m. every Sunday followed by the services at Kiwani Park.

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