Lufkin PD: Toddler's hearing aid stolen from mom's vehicle

Lufkin PD: Toddler's hearing aid stolen from mom's vehicle

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin toddler is without her cochlear ear piece after it was stolen from her mom's car Saturday.

Lufkin police say the thief got away with a purse and inside was the child's earpiece.

Two year old, Phoebe Hart, is deaf, but using her cochlear earpiece is the closest she'll get to what actual hearing is like.

"I guess you can call it synthetic hearing, but it's better than nothing at all," said Paul hart, Phoebe's father.

The family believes the crook opened the car door, got inside and started searching the console for what he could take, but took Mrs. Hart's purse with Phoebe's ear piece.

The thief left behind clues where now police can find the owner behind these keys.

"We went to the park in my car. When we got back I saw some keys laying by the driveway," said Hart.

This key evidence where Lufkin Police Department can have better judgment on what kind of car the thief drives and what model it is.

LPD's Public Information Officer, Jessica Pebsworth, wanted to help get the word out because she knows how important a cochlear ear piece can be to a child.

"I have a friend with two sons that wear cochlear implants, so to think that a child wouldn't potentially have theirs because someone stole it is heartbreaking," said Pebsworth.

She said  whoever committed the crime will go under investigation if they are found or return the stolen items, but Hart just wants his daughter's ear piece back.

"If somebody comes and drops it off I'd be happy. I just hope we can get it back," Hart said. 
A cochlear ear piece costs more than nine thousand dollars, but is not of value or use to anyone except Phoebe.

LPD asks if anyone finds a blue purse containing the ear piece to call the department's non-emergency number or crime stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.
Non-emergency number:  936-633-0356

Crime stoppers: 936-639-TIPS

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