Affidavit: Pollok man pushed disabled wife down, caused her head to hit counter

Affidavit: Pollok man pushed disabled wife down, caused her head to hit counter

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelia County Sheriff's Office arrested a 35-year-old Army veteran Wednesday in connection to allegations that he got angry over his disabled wife taking too long to change their baby's diaper and shoved her down, causing her to hit her head on a counter.

Michael Jon Scheider, of Pollok, is still being held in the Angelina County Jail on a third-degree felony assault against a disabled person charge. No bail amount has been set for the charge yet.

According to the arrest affidavit, an ACSO patrol sergeant was dispatched to a home in the 7000 block of U.S. Highway 69 North on Wednesday to check out a report of an assault that had already occurred. When he made contact with Scheider's wife, the victim, she allegedly explained that her husband has "always been verbally abusive but has recently gotten physically abusive."

The victim told the ACSO sergeant that on Sept. 13, their infant son had woken up and was crying. As she was changing the baby's diaper, Scheider "became enraged because the baby was crying, and [his wife] was taking too long to change him," the affidavit stated.

At that point, Scheider allegedly shoved his wife, causing her to fall on the baby's jumper. As the woman fell, she struck her head on the counter and hit her leg on the jumper as it broke beneath her, the affidavit stated. The woman told the ACSO sergeant that she suffered a large bruise on the back of her leg because of the incident.

On Dec. 6, an ACSO detective did a follow-up interview with the victim. During that interview, the victim said that Scehider shoved her so hard that she actually went into the air, the affidavit stated.

When she talked to the ACSO sergeant, the victim said she had not reported the past incidents because she believed her husband was receiving help from the Veteran's Administration. She also told him that "Mike was medically discharged from the Army for behavior and rage issues, and in 2013 or 2014 was placed in an institution for trying to run vehicles off of the road and for having suicidal and homicidal thoughts," the affidavit stated.

"[The victim] stated [Scheider] told the doctor at the VA that he wanted to hurt or kill people," the affidavit stated. "[Scheider] has told [the victim] on several occasions that he is suicidal and 'will go down in a blaze, taking others out, including you.'"

During the Dec. 6, interview, the victim explained that she has been diagnosed with Erbs Palsy, which causes her left shoulder to be 'completely dislocated," the affidavit stated. She said that she has lived with it her entire life and that she cannot lift her left arm higher than her midsection because of her disability.

The victim also told the ACSO detective that Scheider will often get close to her face during confrontations, and he would curse her and call her names.

On Tuesday night, the victim woke up to soothe their crying baby. She told the ACSO detective that while she was trying to open a band aid package, she had difficulty opening it because of her disability, the affidavit stated. After she opened the wrapper with her teeth, she spit the wrapper on the ground.
The victim told the ACSO detective that Scheider got upset and started berating her for making a mess, the affidavit stated. She became afraid for her safety and called her mother to come pick her up.

According to the affidavit, the victim went outside to wait in their vehicle, but Scheider locked it with the key fob, leaving her standing outside in the weather with her baby. At that point, the woman reportedly started recording Scheider with her cell phone, and she caught video of him trying to "rip" the baby from her grasp.

When Scheider saw that the victim was recording him, he allegedly turned around and went back inside.

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