Lower gas prices impact Lufkin drivers

Lower gas prices impact Lufkin drivers
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As the temperatures fall in Deep East Texas, we're also seeing a decrease in the price of gas.

The nationwide average for one gallon is at its lowest since early November.

In the past month, gasoline has dipped about four cents per gallon nationwide

The average price of gas is about $2.23 a gallon in Lufkin, which is about five cents last than last year.

"I drive around for work a lot, and I noticed recently gas prices are a lot lower than they have been," said Neal Strban, a Lufkin resident.

According to Triple A, a gallon of gas costs three cents less than a week ago, four cents less than a month ago, and 30 cents less than consumers paid last year.

"Filling up my tank it only takes me about twenty to thirty dollars, but back when gas prices were a little bit higher it might've cost me forty maybe fifty dollars," Strban said.

Consumers said this decrease in prices can help with their holiday shopping.

"With fuel prices being lower now, I can afford to spend a little more on gifts for Christmas and what not," Strban said.

Some East Texans said they are okay with slightly higher gas prices.

"When gas prices drop, that does affect the people that work in the oil field," said a customer at Chevron.

This customer said a few years ago, her husband lost his job at H&P when gas prices dropped and rigs were shut down.

"Three dollars for a tank of gas isn't worth somebody's job to me," she said.

According to Triple A gas prices will soon go back up, so drivers can still expect to pay more as they travel this holiday season.

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