TxDOT schedules public hearing on Corrigan Relief Route

TxDOT schedules public hearing on Corrigan Relief Route
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - TxDOT is planning to conduct a public hearing to receive comments on the proposed US 59 Corrigan Relief Route and known as the future Interstate 69.

The proposed I-69 corridor would serve as a key trade corridor for truck traffic to easily travel and would boost infrastructure in parts of the state that have not had interstate access.

Transformation of the freeway will affect multiple communities along the stretch-- including in Corrigan where TxDOT will unveil their final plans to the public on Thursday.

"We have one stop light in this town and people don't like to stop at it," said Darrian Hudman, city manager of Corrigan.

Hudman said each morning 20,000 people pass through and that's the same number that pass through at night as well.

"The citizens here want people to stop at it. But people that just pass through, they're not concerned about that red light and they're not concerned about stopping," Hudman said.

TxDOT said the biggest change people can expect from this project is not having to stop at this traffic light. The bypass will help people travel through the town of Corrigan without having to make any stops.

"This schematic that we're putting out there tomorrow night is the final schematic, but we still want comments from the public," said Rhonda Oaks, public relations officer with TxDOT.

The proposed project involves the construction of a controlled access relief route west of existing US 59 in Corrigan. The changes will bring the freeway to interstate standards.

"It will be a controlled access, elevated bridge with entry and exit roads," Oaks said. "There will be no frontage roads on this particular project, but it will be answer to getting around Corrigan and there will not be any lights around this bypass."

Meanwhile, even though the changes will affect area businesses, the city manager said the bypass will help relieve traffic concerns.

"We've had our share of accidents and we've tried to monitor that a little bit closely with the police department being seen at the intersection," Hudman said.

TxDOT is hosting a public hearing to discuss the Corrigan proposed project tomorrow afternoon to at the Corrigan Camden High School.

Public hearing begins at 4 p.m. followed by a formal presentation at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

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