Lufkin's red light cameras, nine years after installation

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin intersection of Pershing Avenue and John Redditt Drive could be seen as busy for some, but city manager Keith Wright said without red light cameras, the road could be a lot more than just busy.

"A lot of collisions typically what we call the T-bone collision which have a lot more higher level of injuries that occur," said Wright.

Wright said that the cameras, put up in 2008, have resulted in a big drop in accidents.

"I've paid two of those tickets myself, but it affects my driving, not only in Lufkin, but wherever I go," said Wright.

The cameras can also be found at the intersection of Copeland Street and John Redditt Drive, doing their job to keep people, like Lydia Spelling, safe.

"I feel Lufkin has been very fair," said Spelling. "I think I got a ticket one time and it was reviewed and it was taken away."

The city receives roughly $200,000 a year for the $75 ticket, rolling out to about 2,000 red light runners a year.

"We do get some revenue off that, but revenue goes back to the state," said Wright. "Revenue goes to the company that financed the lights."

Despite the cameras continued presence, some people, like Less Spelling, are unclear how they work.

"I have noticed that this particular intersection, the strobe goes on and off almost constantly," said Spelling. "So, it's not really effective, it's not operationally being monitored or maintained."

According to Wright, this is normal for the cameras.

"No it's not broken," said Wright. "It's typically calibrating, it's going through some things that is part of the computer system."

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