Everyone Should Watch Out For Bus Riders

School starts in less than a week, and administrators have some advice for East Texas drivers.

Kids are trained to cross the street in front of their school bus, but younger kids still tend to get a little inattentive. With the excitement of the first day of class, elementary students need to be especially careful, and so do adults.

Just because you're paying attention to bus riders, doesn't mean they notice you when they're getting on and off the school bus.

L.I.S.D. Deputy Superintedent Roy Knight  said, "Sometimes they forget to look and I'd encourage our moms and dads, not just in Lufkin I.S.D., but in countywide schools - as we all begin on the same day - to be real cautious, to be on the lookout for kids that may not be on the lookout for them."

School starts August 15th across East Texas, but you'll see bus drivers on the road before then learning their routes.

If you see yellow school zone lights flashing this week, pay attention so you'll get used to driving in a school zone.