Peavy Switch Will Close Some Doors, Open Others

by Jessica Cervantez

A lack of state funds will be forcing Peavy Switch, a drug and alcohol recovery center in Lufkin, to shut down it's residential program and only provide outside patient services. But, there will be another addition, what program directors are calling a much needed "half-way house" for women.

21-year-old Jennifer Williams realized she needed help when she put drugs before her three-year-old twin children. After two weeks at the Peavy Switch Recovery Center, she will be forced to leave Friday.

Williams said, "I'm sad, we're all sad, we've been crying like every night. This is my support group."

Last year, Peavy Switch only received $455-thousand to run the facility, that's 40% less than what they normally get. The difference forced some major changes.

Lilly Horton, the program director, said, "We will no longer have residential stay...but we will have outpatient services though."

Another major change, beginning September 1st, the recovery center will add a half-way house that will hold up to 52 women for one full year.

Horton said, "Not only will we provide out patient services but we will have special counselors on hand to handle schizophrenia, bi-polar, depression, and other issues."

Williams is hoping to be one of those 52 women.

Williams said, "I am really motivated, I wasn't when I got here though."

Program directors say they are scared about not being able to house residents any longer, but they're optimistic about what the future holds.