Stabbing Suspect Captured In Corrigan

by Stuart Burson

Sixty-five year old Ella Oliphant of Hemphill was found stabbed to death Tuesday off Highway 21 East near Chireno.

She had been stabbed many times.

Authorities believe her 67-year-old husband committed the crime. After a day on the run he has now been found.

Vertice Oliphant was apprehended just after six o'clock Wednesday evening at a residence in Corrigan. He was taken into custody without incident. Vertice Oliphant will be arraigned in Nacogdoches County Thursday.

Vertice and Ella Oliphant lived in a small community near Hemphill. Friends and relatives are in shock over her death. Relatives and neighbors are asking themselves why... why Ella Oliphant would be so brutally murdered. The suspect... her own husband. Relatives say the couple didn't seem to have any problems.

"The only time I seen them was going up and down the road... they looked pretty happy to me." says Lenny Haskin, a cousin.

Several people told us Vertice Oliphant had a history of mental problems.

"One minute they were talking about him going crazy and all that, but then whenever I would see him or whatever you would talk to him he didn't act like he was crazy then, he'd just act sane." says Sandra Holeman, a relative of the couple.

Ella Oliphant is described by many as a religious woman who was well liked.

"She's sweet, I mean what can I say, I mean I don't see where she could have done anything wrong to him really. It don't surprise me at all that he's a suspect to that whatsoever. You know what I'm saying? It really don't." said Holeman.

Yet, another cousin says Vertice didn't come across as a violent person.

"I really don't see him as that type of person, but nowadays you can't never tell." says Danny Davis.

Plans are to charge Oliphant with murder.