Who stole baby Jesus from the Angelina County Courthouse Nativity scene?

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - With Christmas just four days away, it appears not everyone is in the holiday spirit. Authorities said someone stole baby Jesus from the Angelina County Courthouse's Nativity scene earlier this week.

"It's about the birth of Jesus, and for him not to be in the little manger, it's incomplete," said Jaycee McCaa, an Angelina County resident.

Authorities found the incomplete Nativity scene late Tuesday.

The county's maintenance representative Hilton Henson said decorations are put up right before Thanksgiving break.

"It's all disappointing because a lot of our Nativity scene was donated by one of the judges and his wife," Henson said. "It's been here quite a while, and we take very good care of it to transport it back from storage to the courthouse lawn."

In fact, the full Nativity scene was donated to the Angelina County Courthouse almost eight years ago by County Judge Wes Suiter and his wife.

"Why are you going to steal baby Jesus? I don't understand," McCaa said.

In the meantime, Judge Bob Inselmann helped fill the void by finding a temporary solution to house another baby Jesus until the culprit is caught.

"Someone may steal him from the manger, but they can never steal him from our heart," said Rosslyn Harris, an Angelina County resident.

Authorities at the courthouse said they are conducting an investigation hoping to find out who stole the item from their property.

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