Leap Of Faith

On Sunday at Bonita Methodist Church worshippers will hear Pastor Brad Morgan's sermon called, 'Perseverance Through Perspective'. It's the 4.0 SFA graduate's story.

"You always hear stories about people who give up so much to serve the Lord, but I feel like I gained everything," shared Morgan.

The 33-year old once had what most young professionals strive for. He had a good job, great salary and lots of recognition. Yet there was emptiness until he took a leap of faith.

Each morning prayer candles are lit by Morgan. About ten years ago the University of Texas flunk out needed the prayers. Rock bottom came while working off shore. "I really considered jumping off the rig and a warm summer wind swept me up." Morgan took it as a sign from God to change things in his life.

"This is my 'Never Again' box," pointed out Morgan in his church office. This is where Morgan places past mistakes. Paths that he never wants to go down again. Morgan pulls out an old hard hat from working off shore. Then a hospital patient ID bracelet. "This is the time I was in the hospital from one of those bad decisions."

With his life on track Morgan headed straight to corporate America. In five years he went from a temporary worker answering a phone to receiving national recognition in microchip technology. "I was there getting this award for all these different acclamations. I had this feeling of success, but it was very empty."

That was the deciding factor to use his talents in other ways. Morgan said, "Do we serve our own interest and our individual needs or do we serve the needs of the community? I don't think this is just a religious issue. I think it spreads across all boundaries."

Morgan credits his wife and church for supporting him through his decision.

Morgan remembered the day he told his boss he was entering the ministry and going back to school. "He asked how much would you make and when I informed him that I would make less than I paid in taxes last year he didn't try to offer me more money or other things."

Something Morgan's younger classmates at SFA may not fully understand until they hear the sermon, 'Perseverance Through Perspective'. When Morgan shares his plans for the sermon with a young woman she answered, "That would be a good one to attend."

Morgan wants people to know, "Today may be the same as yesterday, but tomorrow doesn't have to be. You can always do different things."

Pastor Morgan will continue his ministry at Bonita United Methodist Church while attending Perkin's School of Theology at SMU for the next four years.