East Texan's react to trend of disinterest in Christmas cards

East Texan's react to trend of disinterest in Christmas cards
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: God Imagined Ministries
Source: God Imagined Ministries

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Some people enjoy receiving and opening of Christmas cards from loved ones. Opinions like this one seem to becoming less and less popular when compared to posting holiday greetings on social media.

"Some people like they may not check their mail as often as other people do, so, like, they may check Instagram or Facebook more often than they do their mail," said social media fan, Jamie Cates.

Some might say that younger generations are to blame for this new trend, but 14-year-old, Mallory Butlter, said that she dislikes Facebook Christmas greetings.

"Even if you save it to Camera Roll or anything else, eventually you're going to have to delete all that stuff so it'll go away," Butler said.

Lufkin photographer, Kellie Randolph, said she's still getting asked to make Christmas cards, but a good many of her clients just post the photos to Facebook.

"Professional portraiture is definitely here to stay as far as Christmas greetings go, and in every other respect," Randolph. "But, physically printed Christmas cards that may be eventually a thing of the past."

Fellow Lufkin photographer, Delaney Harbuck, admitted that the process of picture taking and card making can be stressful.

"Scheduling a photo session, getting you're pictures taken, waiting to get them back from a photographer and then ordered them online," Harbuck said. "It's almost easier in social media age to just put it on Facebook."

Harbuck also said that she feels like cards don't apply anymore.

"The purpose of Christmas cards, back in the day, was to keep everybody kind of updated on your family," Harbuck said. "And, you don't need that anymore because Facebook exists. It's not necessary."

Whichever post you choose, it's important to remember what it's all for.

"Some people ain't getting nothing, so, to be able to receive a gift is a blessing," said Lufkin resident, Decourtney Morgan.

According to the Greeting Card Association, 2016 saw 1.5 billion Christmas cards purchased, which is down a bit from 2015's total of 1.6 billion.

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