Proposed gas station corner of Frank and Raguet streets stirs mixed reactions

Proposed gas station corner of Frank and Raguet streets stirs mixed reactions
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Homeowners surrounding a Lufkin neighborhood noticed a sign announcing a new gas station coming in the area, but that proposed location is upsetting some area businesses and neighbors who argue it would bring unwanted traffic and noise.

However, city leaders said the owner is within their rights to build the service station.

The sign is on the corner of Frank and Raguet Street and the announcement of a gas station coming to the neighborhood has sparked mixed reactions.

"For one, that's a very, very busy interaction and adding a gas station there will just cause more friction," said Rebecca Lee, an employee. "It's going to cause traffic jams, and wrecks. You have to have a way to get in and out that store and it's already busy right there."

Another neighbor is for the service station.

"Yea it pulls you away from the main street, so I feel like having a gas station on the main street would help out a lot of people on the way to work and going to downtown," said Isaiah Phillips, a resident.

But for one mom, the concern is more on safety.

"You have about two gas stations near already and it will right in front of the Mantooth Park, which is kinda of upsetting at the same time because most of our neighborhood is real quiet and we like taking our kids over to have fun especially at Easter and all the holidays," said Teresa Chavez, a mother.

But some on social media raise questions asking is the owner within his rights to build a gas station on that corner.

"That property at 612 Frank Street is already zoned local business and service stations are allowed under that designation," said Jason Arnold, assistant city manager with City of Lufkin.

This means, more than a decade ago the Lufkin City Council approved a zone change to commercial where now the owner is taking action to actually build a gas station.

"So in this situation there wasn't a zone change that was required, so there wasn't a public notice needed and there wasn't a council action required," Arnold said.

But Chavez worries about more strangers in the neighborhood.

"I really thought it would be a little bit dangerous for kids and around the neighborhood as well," Chavez said.

The zone changed from residential to commercial back in 2006.

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