Angelina County law enforcement work Christmas day to keep community safe

Angelina County law enforcement work Christmas day to keep community safe

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This Christmas while many enjoyed their time off with family and friends, Lufkin police and deputies at the sheriff's office came to work.

Law enforcement said it's their duty to protect the city anytime of the year.

"It has to be done and somebody has to be here to do it," said Robert Willmon, a lieutenant at the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

According to Willmon, working Christmas day is like any other day.

"Well things happen on holidays just like any other day and somebody has to be there to respond and take care of it," Willmon said.

But luckily Christmas isn't a busy day for law enforcement.

"The days are usually a little more laid back," said Mike Shurley, a lieutenant with Lufkin Police. "People are spending time with their family and enjoying each other's company, but that can change at any time."

Shurley said even though some are required to work holidays, they still make time for family.

"We try to plan things on our days off or after a shift gets off. We just try to make it work the best we can," Shurley said.

Working with their colleagues on Christmas day is like being around family.

"We're brothers. These guys I work with day in and day out. I'm trusting them to cover my back and their covering mines as well," said Willmon.

Law enforcement said they've been able to relax and enjoy this Christmas holiday together, but if any crime happens to take place they're ready to take care of business.

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