Hudson firefighters run into water shortage problems say this isn't the first time

(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Firefighters with Hudson Fire Department experienced a  frequent problem of lacking water when they responded to a house fire call on Christmas Eve.

In the middle of putting out a large fire, Chief Marcial Foisie said at least nine nearby fire departments were called out.

Foisie said the fire started in the garage and quickly spread.

"Once it got into the attic of the house and with our one tanker we had on scene at the time which was 3,000 gallons of water," Foisie said. "We try to make initial stop on the fire from progressing through the house and we couldn't (and) we ran out of water."

In fact, it took just under 50,000 gallons of water to put the house fire having to stop twice until full support arrived.

"We called out to nine different departments for tankers and when you're talking about the other side of town and they're 20- 30 minutes to almost get there some time, I mean that's a lot of time," Foisie said.

He said this isn't the first time they've experienced a water shortage problem. He said it can happen at least 40 percent of the time of all the calls they respond to and depending on the size of the fire.

"It's devastating to sit there and watch a person's house almost burn to the ground until there's nothing you can do until we get water," Foisie said.

Another obstacle was the limited manpower. Being that the fire happened on Christmas Eve, many of the volunteer fire fighters were spending time with families causing an even further delay.

"Hate that the family lost their house during Christmas Eve," Foisie said.

The fire chief said to resolve the issue is to place more accessible fire hydrants in each neighborhoods. Even if it's only one at each street that will help shorten the time to fill the tanks again and put out fires.

For this instance the fire chief said the closest fire hydrant was almost a mile away.

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