Campaign sign in yard doesn't stop Trinity County sheriff from drug bust

Source: Trinity County Sheriff Facebook
Source: Trinity County Sheriff Facebook
Source: Trinity Police
Source: Trinity Police

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - An undercover operation in Trinity County has led to the arrests of a married couple going to jail Wednesday.

Sheriff Woody Wallace said a confidential informant bought a $5 Xanax bar at the home in Lakewood Subdivision on Tuesday. On Wednesday, deputies served an arrest warrant on Sammie Weible, 56, Wednesday morning. While searching the home, they found meth, which Weible's husband, Paul Weible, 56, claimed was his.

Wallace said Sammie Weible admitted to selling the drugs on Tuesday.

Paul Weible is charged with state-jail felony possession of a controlled substance and his wife is charged with state-jail felony delivery of a controlled substance.

Wallace said the couple had a "Vote for Woody Wallace" sign in their yard in an attempt to make him believe they were on his side.

"I knew something was up when they put the sign up a couple months ago," Wallace said.

The sign is from a past campaign, as Wallace is not yet up for re-election.

Wallace said Sammie Weible is the mother of Jonathan Thompson, who then-Constable Wallace arrested in 2012 after he got in a fight with his stepfather.

While he was being processed in jail, Thompson showed off a tattoo on his leg, which stated "Woody Wallace can [explicit] my [explicit]."

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