Curbside, Christmas trash increases risk of burglaries

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The soggy TV box, that you threw out this morning, did not look appealing to you.

According to Jessica Pebsworth with the Lufkin Police Department, thieves see that pile of garbage as an invitation to steal those items.

"Whenever people are throwing away their boxes, you know, large TV's, electronics, they don't think about the fact that when they put those things on the curb, and not in the can, that they're advertising," Pebsworth said. "But, that's how a thief's mind work.

Pebsworth suggested breaking down the boxes and concealing them in your blue recycling can.

"There's just always crimes of opportunity," Pebsworth said. "There's more things in the home that have an appeal for a thief, so we do typically see more break ins, even vehicle burglaries in the months of December and November."

If Santa was especially good to you and the boxes are too numerous, Lufkin has a place where you can get rid of them safely.

"If they're too big or too many or whatever, I'd bring them up here to the drop off site on the city of Lufkin recycle center," said the center's assistant director, Eddy Peppers."

Peppers wanted to remind residents that garbage trucks won't pick up you're old TVs, even if they're on the curb.

"We accept your old televisions, as well as the boxes, so that gives people a good excuse to get their box, as well as their old television, here to the recycle center, during our business hours," Peppers said. "That way people don't know what you got for Christmas."

Peppers said that the upswing in holiday trash will last for the next few weeks.

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