San Augustine DA explains criminal proceedings in fatal wreck that took two lives

(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Back in October, the fatal wreck took the lives of two people in San Augustine that was caused by a suspected drunk driver.

At that time, state troopers arrested Matthew Williams, 34, on charges of intoxicated manslaughter where a bond was set at $200,000.

But four days after the incident, San Augustine District Attorney Kevin Dutton said Williams required more medial attention.

"This case was unfortunate because of the medical situation that arose and our counties and my counties are not very affluent," Dutton said.

As a result, Sheriff Robert Cartwright placed a personal recognizance bond on Williams letting him take care of his own medical conditions.

Cartwright said his office simply doesn't have the budget to pile on hefty medical bills.

The victims' family however is concerned that Williams could be behind the wheel again.

"If this guy had this many DWIs and this wreck and driving without a license and under the influence, what says he can't get behind a vehicle now that he's walking free right now and do it again and take somebody's else loved ones," said Paula Miller, a family member.

The DA said he's taking all legal action he possibly can.

"I'm anticipating that we will be filing a motion to increase the bond or to require that there be some type of surety," Dutton said. "Also to set some type of condition to set on the bond."

One such condition, Dutton said could be to place an interlock device on Williams where a breath analyzer system attached to an ignition system of his vehicle.

However, the family said they hope for justice.

"It's not right that we had to go through Christmas without our loved ones there," Miller said.

Additionally, the Dutton said he will provide further evidence against Williams to a grand jury to indict him on the charges.

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