Lufkin PD reveals murder tally for 2017

Lufkin PD reveals murder tally for 2017

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - According to police, the city of Lufkin has seen three murders in the year 2017. And, according to the chief of police, Gerald Williamson, each has been treated with the same level of investigation.

"Any time there's a loss of human life, we pull out all the stops," Williamson said. "There is no resource we won't expend to make sure we do our best to solve those cases."

Stephen Abbott, with the Lufkin Police Department's criminal division, said that three murders are close to Lufkin's average. The 2013 'Davita' murders put the number at its highest in 10 years.

"During that time we had a person committing a number of murders," Abbott said. "Which went undetected for a period of time. That year, the actual number would have been six."

In all, LPD has only two, unsolved murder cases, in the last decade. Abbott attributed this to his team as well as to the public.

"We're not called until after something happens," Abbott said. "We have to rely on the public to provide us the background information about what did happen and the location of people we might need to talk to."

One of the two cases is the 'Dollar General' murder of Darrence Kindle, which Williamson said was a freak occurrence.

"It's one of those where we truly do not believe that our victim had any relationship to the individual responsible," Williamson said.

And, you can expect the police to continue investigating those cases that are unsolved.

"We're fortunate here to have a cold case Texas Ranger and we reach out to him for assistance," Williamson said. "We've reached out even internationally at times."

The other unsolved case deals with the 2007 murder of Sherry Moore.

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