East Texas welcomes cold weather with freeze-proof preparations

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

With the temperatures falling closer and closer to zero, plumber, Steve Ellis has a checklist for things that need to be done.

"Around here there are a lot of pair beam houses, a lot of trailers, a lot of exposed piping," Ellis said. "That all needs to be insulated and covered."

Back in 2011, Ellis worked 79 hours straight when freezing temperatures caused pipes to burst in homes, across the county.

"Back flow preventers, all of them typically at the meter, all exposed to the wind they need to be out of the elements," Ellis said. "Box covers anything that can be built to put over it helps. Blankets, comforters, old towels, anything that you can put on them."

According to Ellis, a breakage in a back flow preventer can equal a $500 bill or more.

"You don't have a lot of secondary damage, but the units themselves, once they freeze and burst, they can't be repaired," Ellis said. "It has to be replaced."

Next, David Jones, at Angelina Tire and Auto, recommended making a quick check under the hood.

"You want to check your engine coolant," Jones said. "A lot of people are good about adding water, if it's low, but add antifreeze. You do not want the water in the engine to freeze. You could actually lead to engine failure or damage."

Next, be aware freezing temperatures can drain your car battery.

"This one here has a pretty bad terminal issue," Jones said. "It can cause some no start problems, definitely don't want to have it not starting in the cold. And, the cold will also knock it out to where you'll have to get it jumped."

Tire pressure also leaves with a pound of pressure for every 10 degrees lost.

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