Lufkin experts say chilly temperatures will cause slow, low start to Crawfish season

Lufkin experts say chilly temperatures will cause slow, low start to Crawfish season

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For several years now, crawfish season has started sooner than expected. But a drop in temperatures this winter, collecting harvest is likely to affect crawfish season.

"With the temperature drop like this, this cold front coming in, it makes the catch go down," said Chad Richey, owner of Crawdaddy's Boil N Go.

The crustaceans aren't fans of chilly temperatures.

"Can't really fish for them because it's below freezing. (If) you take crawfish out of 32 degree water into 25 degree air and it will freeze and kill them," Richey said.

Blake Cuccio, owner of The Crawfish Shop on Denman Avenue, agrees saying they like warmer weather.

"They're just like us. They want to stay inside their houses when it's cold, they have mind of their own, (and) they think just like we do," Cuccio said. "The cold weather will catch less population than we would if it was warmer."

When the temperatures do rise, experts say crawfish season will be in full swing. Until then, the supply will be a low and slow.

"This is actually the hardest winter we have had in a while, so it's going to delay the season," Cuccio said.

Compare that to last year, when the price of the crawfish was high, but the supply was plentiful. The experts said weather conditions can change which could complicate their business.

"There's some years you can open up first weekend without a hitch, but there's always going to be the weather . You can't determine the weather," Richey said.

Meanwhile, customers are ready to feast where folks are looking forward to get their hands dirty to eat crawfish.

Despite the slow start and low supply, experts said it will be a long season running well into early summer month for crawfish season.

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