Lufkin shelter prepares for the cold

Lufkin shelter prepares for the cold

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texas shelters are not seeing an increase in the number of people seeking a warm bed for the night, but as temperatures dip, that could change.

Everyone is feeling the effects of the cold, especially at Godtel homeless shelter, where the staff is prepared to ramp up service and help people who spend most of their time on the streets, struggling to stay warm.

"We try to take care of all of their basic needs, so that they can focus on finding jobs, saving money, and making their lives better when they leave here," said Martin Baker, director of Godtel Shelter.

Baker said their shelter normally welcomes many people during the winter season, but this year has been different.

"We've got about fifteen residents right now, most of them are women, so we haven't really seen a great influx of people yet," Shelter said.

At Godtel shelter the goal is to give women and men the tools they need to survive on their own. Women like Anne, who came to turn her life around.

"I been here before and it was alright," said Anne Shredder, a resident at Godtel. "I got a job and now I'm jobless, homeless, but I said 'Lord I have faith in you.'"

Warren Weis, an employee at Godtel, was once homeless, but his circumstances changed for the better.

"God guided me to start up a lawn business, so I did that for a little bit and they asked me to come on part time [at the shelter] where I was able to continue with the lawn business," said Weis.

Now he's working as a full-time employee at Godtel.

Even though there are some empty beds, the staff are still prepared with food, clothes, books, and welcome arms this winter season.

Staff at Godtel say they are always looking for volunteers and are accepting donations for those in need. Visit the shelter's page at this link.
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