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Man surprises waitress with trip to Disneyland

(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)

A story out of Stuttgart that's gone viral is now making headlines again.

According to a report from NBC affiliate KARK, two waitresses were originally set to split a $300,000 scratch-off ticket.

However, one of the waitresses, Mandy Vanhouten, made off with all of the money, leaving the other waitress, Leslie Underwood, shocked and in disbelief.

One man in California heard the story and chose to help Underwood in a special way.

"I don't care who you are. That's not a small amount of money and the little bit I know about a waitress working at a sports bar in Arkansas tells me that's life-changing," the man said.

The anonymous man, a former Disney employee, gave Underwood an all-expense paid vacation to Disneyland and California Adventures.

"My heart is like, pounding 90 to nothing right now, I'm so excited. He went above and beyond, like I'm so thankful, he didn't have to do that," Underwood said.

The vacation will come with a complete private tour of the castle, as well as other VIP experiences.

Underwood said she originally wanted to use some of her winnings to take her children to Disneyland, and thanks to one anonymous man, that's now possible.

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