Angelina County neighbor speaks out after drive-by shooting

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County deputies are searching for the suspect or suspects responsible for a drive-by shooting that happened last night in the 1200 block of FM 1028.

A neighbor who made the 911 call shared what she saw as shots rang out.

"I mean, there's been fireworks going off around here, but this was a distinct sound," said next door neighbor Nikki Mims.

Mims said she heard very loud gunshots coming from outside, and because the homes in her neighborhood are close together, she didn't know who the gunshots were aimed at.

"I called 911 and waited for them to get here. They told us to stay inside until they arrive," Mims said.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they saw no one was hurt, but noticed bullet holes in Nikki's neighbor's vehicle. That showed where the shots were aimed.

"Around five to six rounds were shot as far as we could tell at this time," said Captain Alton Lenderman with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement followed up today and hunted for more evidence.

"They went back in the daylight today to see if they could recover some evidence. A little more evidence was recovered. There were some shell cases recovered," Lenderman said.

Mims said even though her two kids weren't at home, her motherly instinct triggered her to make that 911 call.

The family with the shot up vehicle didn't want to go on camera, but they say they are working with law enforcement and are happy no one was hurt.

The Angelina County Sheriff's Office is investigating potential persons of interest, Lenderman said.

However, no arrests have been made.

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