Digging Dangers

Sunoco owns the oil line that was ruptured in Thursday's explosion. The company makes sure the area immediately above the pipelines is always clearly marked. Workers also fly over the lines every week to make sure all of the markers are still in place.

Whenever there are any pipelines nearby, you'll know because their clearly marked, but accidents still happen.

Russ Florence, a spokesman for Sunoco, said, "Although accidents like this are terrible and we never want to see them happen, it's been shown by the Department of Transportation that pipelines are, in fact, the safest mode of transportation for transporting liquid fuel. Fortunately, accidents like this are few and far between."

If you have plans to do some digging there are several things that you can do to make sure the digging is safe. Florence says to, "Look around and see if there are any markers in the area and typically, markers in a pipeline like this are about eye level and they're painted with bright colors."

Another thing people should do before any digging or excavating is call the Texas Excavation Safety System at 1-800-DIG-TESS. By making that call, you can get information about pipelines or any other utilities buried in the area you'll be digging in.