The winter season has gotten off to a rather cold start

The winter season has gotten off to a rather cold start

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The start to the 2017-2018 winter season in East Texas has gotten off to a colder than normal start through the first month of our winter season.

Keep in mind that our winter season takes into account the three month period from December through the end of February.

This past December was nearly one degree colder than normal when you account for the daily temperatures which were averaged out over the 31 day period at the Angelina County Airport, which is our station of record, located just south of Lufkin.

In fact, we had 20 days in the month of December in which the daily temperature was colder than normal and only 11 days in which we had above normal temperatures.  The days shaded in blue represent the "cooler" than normal days, while the orange shaded days account for the "warmer" than normal days in December of 2017.

Many of you have been wondering if we were going to have a cold winter this year.  Even though the outlook still calls for a warmer than normal winter, I can say that we have gotten off to a cold and somewhat surprising start considering that the new year has also been rather frigid in our part of the state.

Keep in mind that we still have two-thirds of our winter season ahead of us.  There will certainly be times of warmth followed by cold blasts as temperatures oscillate like a yo-yo quite a bit this time of year.  While it is virtually impossible to tell how the next two months will shake out, one thing is certain:  we have had a much colder start to this winter season and have endured a much longer stretch of colder weather than at any point the last two winter seasons.

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