Senior Timberwolves flying under the radar at PCA

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Something special is going on in the tiny gym at Pineywoods Academy in Lufkin.

In just a few short years the boys basketball program has grown to a serious threat in the region.

"We went from being beat by 100 to putting up 100," Head Coach Brian Kruk said. "We are not trying to embarrass teams. We are trying to get these kids exposure and when we play games we try to put our very best out there. "

The team is being led by three playmakers.

Marozzney House, Michael Williams, and Zach Hamilton have the wolves ranked 6th in 2A. Every night a highlight reel could be put together of their dunks, steals, and three-pointers. So far though, not a lot of attention from recruiting has been given to them.

"I have been around basketball for 25 years with high school talent and these guys are among the best talent I have had the pleasure of coaching," Kruk said.

Hamilton said he is not surprised the interest has been from just small schools with no offers. it has encouraged him to do more.

"I don't have a chip [on my shoulder]," Hamilton said. "I just go out and do my thing and put it in God's hands."

The player that rises above the rest is co-captain Michael Williams. Williams explains why it is hard to get noticed.

"It is a small program," Williams said. "College Coaches don't want to go out and say 'Oh I want to choose this kid from a 2A school. I do believe though that once we get into a playoff run it will show and we will begin to get noticed by schools."

"These three could go anywhere," Kruk said. "It really is just up to them to put in the work and sale themselves to these recruiters."

Each player admitted that they could not do it without the other two.

"It has been fun playing with them," Marozzney said. "They are just incredible athletes."

Until the recruiters come, the three will just play with one goal.

"I want that win," Williams said. "It doesn't matter about the stats. I want the win."

PCA will play Laneville and Jacksonville before opening district against West Sabine.

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