Corrigan PD arrests 2 juvenile suspects after car chase; 1 suspect still at large

Corrigan PD arrests 2 juvenile suspects after car chase; 1 suspect still at large

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Officers with the Corrigan Police Department and deputies with the Polk County Sheriff's Office arrested two juvenile suspects late Thursday night after a vehicle fled a traffic stop on Home Street and then led officers on a chase that ended when a patrol unit collided with the car.

A third suspect is still at large, according to a press release from the Corrigan Police Department.

At about 10:01 p.m. Thursday, a Corrigan PD officer noticed that a silver 2009 Buick four-door with three occupants had a defective driver's side brake light on North Home Street. When the officer tried to make a traffic stop, the driver of the Buick sped up and headed north on Home Street.

When the Buick got to Piney Creek, the driver made a U-turn and headed in the opposite direction on Home Street, the press release stated.

"The pursuit continued until approximately two miles south of the city limits when the officer's patrol vehicle collided with the suspect vehicle," the press release stated. "All three occupants fled into the wooded area on the west side of US 59. "

At that point, law enforcement personnel from Corrigan PD, the Polk County Sheriff's Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety searched the area, but they were unable to find the three suspects.

"Shortly afterward, a Corrigan officer working an extra job at a local plant notified the police department that there were several suspicious persons at the plant," the press release stated.  "Officers with Corrigan PD and Polk County Sheriff Office responded and found plant personnel had already detained two of the suspects. The third suspect is still at large."

According to the press release, the two suspects that were arrested are juveniles, and they will be charged with felony evading and trespassing.

"However, further charges may be filed as the case is still under investigation," the press release stated.

No Corrigan PD officers were injured in the pursuit, the press release stated.

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