Lufkin woman speaks out after home is burglarized

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The month of January marks the end of the holiday season, but it's the beginning of a concerning crime trend.
According to reports from law enforcement and some insurance agencies, it shows this month ranks the highest in reported thefts.

In 2016, 708 claims were made in the state of teas.

A local resident unfortunately became part of that statistic.

After working the night shift, Melinda Warren came home to a surprise.

"I found my house vandalized like broken into," said Lufkin resident, Melinda Warren. "I just saw stuff everywhere like all over the floor."

Warren said she didn't pay the break in any mind until someone broke into her home again three months later

"The back door was still open and I was like oh God somebody kicked the back door in, but the hinges were still on the door. "I immediately went to the key rack and I was like oh my goodness," said Warren.

What Warren found were her spare keys missing.

The crooks were using them to come in and out her home while she was working at night.

"No one is going to come in anybody yard with blue pits unless you know me. I was like it's the neighbors. They know my dogs. I bought them from them," Warren said.

Warren then was able to tell Lufkin police who the thieves were.

Because January is ranked the top month for burglary claims, Sheriff Greg Sanches at the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, wants to encourage everyone to use surveillance cameras.

"Whether you have them around the house or even with your phone you can take pictures and videos. Those are good tools to use, but your surveillance cameras are very important," said Sanches.

According to Warren now she will take precautions on keeping her home safe.

She didn't press charges on her neighbors, but she did receive all of her stolen items.

Authorities say using automatic timers on your lights when you're away can keep criminals from noticing when you're not at home.

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