Suspect in alcohol-related fatal wreck in San Augustine County arrested after bail revoked

Suspect in alcohol-related fatal wreck in San Augustine County arrested after bail revoked
Alexia Moreno (Source: Miller family)
Alexia Moreno (Source: Miller family)
Gene Miller (Source: Miller family)
Gene Miller (Source: Miller family)

SABINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Sabine County Sheriff's Office arrested the 34-year-old suspect in an alcohol-related wreck that killed two people back in October of 2017 after the San Augustine district attorney and a district judge revoked his personal recognizance bonds.

Matthew Williams, of Hemphill, is currently being held in the Sabine County Jail. Deputies from the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office are on their way to pick him up and transport him back to that county's jail.

Williams was arrested in Sabine County at about 1 p.m. Tuesday.

San Augustine County Sheriff Robert Cartwright said District Attorney Kevin Dutton and District Judge Charles Mitchell decided to revoke the $200,000 personal recognizance bonds on Miller's two intoxicated manslaughter charges, which stemmed from the October 2017 deaths of 16-year-old Alexia Moreno and 30-year-old Gene Miller. The decision was made after Williams' health improved, Cartwright said.

Williams is accused of running a stop sign at the intersection of State Highway 96 and State Highway 147 and hitting the vehicle driven by Miller. At the time of the wreck, Williams allegedly had a blood-alcohol level that was twice the legal limit.

Four days after the October 2017 wreck, Williams required more medical attention, Dutton said.

"This case was unfortunate because of the medical situation that arose, and our counties and my counties are not very affluent," Dutton said.

As a result, Cartwright placed a personal recognizance bond on Williams to allow him to take care of his own medical expenses, and Williams was released from jail.

Cartwright said his office simply doesn't have the budget to deal with hefty medical bills for jail inmates.

Dutton said back in December that he is taking all the legal action he possibly can against Williams.

"I'm anticipating that we will be filing a motion to increase the bond or to require that there be some type of surety," Dutton said. "Also to set some type of condition to set on the bond."

Dutton said one such condition could be to place an interlock device on Williams' vehicle. It is a breath analyzer system attached to an ignition system of his vehicle.

Alexia is described as someone with a bubbly personality and contagious smile.  She was an example for all, said Lexie's cheerleader advisor.

"Lexie was a great student and a great athlete," said Kenya Watts, the cheerleader advisor for San Augustine High School. "She was co-captain of our varsity cheer squad last year. She went above and beyond with everything we asked her to do."

The junior had the rest of her life before her.

"She is a part of our dual college program," said Leasa Dunn, the principal of San Augustine High School. "She takes a couple of AP classes. She's on the honor roll. She's a fantastic part of the yearbook staff. She's in StuCo, and she's on the robotics team."

Miller was Moreno's step-father, and he was described as Alexia's own cheerleader.

"He demanded great study habits, and he pushed her to make good grades, and he encouraged to be college bound," Dunn said.

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