Lufkin charities evaluate donations after holiday season

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Christmas gifts have come and gone, but charities like Godtel in Lufkin are still feeling the generosity from earlier donations.

"Historically, fall is the time when we get most of our food donations," said Martin Baker, the director of Lufkin's Godtel location. "They have these food drives for us where they give us can goods. Usually that's enough to last us for the rest of the year."

After a record high number of donations in December, Lufkin's Goodwill was bursting with their after-holiday offerings.

"We often have an upturn in donations after Christmas due to the fact that people have, you know, have gotten their gifts, and they're trying to make room for their new items," said Erica Cook, Goodwill's executive director.

Cook said that the customers seem to appreciate the higher level of quality of the some of the donations.

"I think they're wanting to see all the goodies that came as a result of donations that have come after Christmas," Cook said.

Larhonda Kennedy's job is to sort through each box of items that are dropped off, each day. She said that people donate for all types of reasons.

"They're either downsizing or cleaning up, getting the winter process out," Kennedy said. "We're getting a lot of Christmas stuff back in, too."

Despite the prosperity of recent months, Goodwill still keeps a plan in place for times when donations are low.

"We do hold back some donations, in case we have downturns," Cook said. "So, we try to keep at least enough that we can compensate for the times whenever our donations do get low."

Low donation times for Goodwill and other local charities usually come with the summer months and the rise in the number of garage sales.

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