New retail law goes into effect in East Texas

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A new year means the enactment of new laws for the Lone Star state, including one that will affect how you shop using credit or debit cards.

The next time you head to the store be prepared to show your photo ID when you checkout.

The reason is the passage of Senate Bill 1381.

The new law now allows retailers to reject a sale if a shopper cannot show a photo ID.

"I've had my account hacked several times, and just from a business owner's standpoint, it's better to be safe than sorry," said Tammy Ellison, the owner of Sew Junkies.

Ellison said this new law will protect store merchants from accusations.

"If somebody doesn't want to show their ID, I would be more concerned with that. I would rather not sell them something than be in trouble," said Ellison.

Not only does the new law protect store merchants, it benefits banks as well.

"Now this is one more safeguard to protect people and businesses," said Jessica Pebsworth, Lufkin Police Department's public information officer. "Someone has to absorb that loss, and typically, it is the businesses and banks."

Because smaller stores see a lot of local people, Ellison believes the chances of card abuse in her store are slim.

"I have a lot of returning customers, so I get to know them, and I don't have to ask for ID when I see those people," Ellison said.

She has a square in her shop that allows customers to use Apple pay from their phone to protect customers shopping in her store.

There will be no penalties made if a store does not decide to request a photo ID, but a customer who does not want to show their identification can be denied at the register.

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