Troopers Targeting Bus Law Breakers

by Jessica Cervantez

It is the first day of school for students all across East Texas. Bus drivers were up early preparing for their routes. Law enforcement authorities were also ready, handing out tickets to drivers not following the bus laws.

By 6:30 in the morning, the roads around East Texas were already filled with bus drivers picking up their students. DPS troopers were watching closely, making sure motorists obey the bus laws, especially on Highway 59 North.

Trooper Greg Sanches, with the Department of Public Safety, said, "Be prepared. School has started, and be on the look out for school buses."

It didn't take long before a driver didn't stop for the school bus, and troopers were ready to write tickets. This is a big problem, especially at the beginning of the school year.

Sanches said, "Everybody should know you have to stop on both sides of the roadway unless there's a grassy median or concrete barriers separating the road."

Three tickets were written in a matter of minutes. Just when things looked like they would slow down, a late bus made a stop to pick-up two kids. On the other side of the road, not one, not two, but four drivers decided not to stop. That meant four more tickets.

Sanches said, "The law is the law."

Troopers say it is a big problem for people ignoring bus rules on 59 North and on Highway 69. The Department of Public Safety will be increasing patrols in those areas during the next several weeks.