Lufkin Chamber of Commerce asks TxDOT to clean tar residue

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Five months have passed, but questions remain from those affected by the tar on Loop 287.

Many remember it as the "day the road melted."

"I just want somebody to step up and say here we're going to take over this situation," said construction worker Seth Basham. "I want for them to answer the questions and get everybody's money back."

Though the chamber of commerce cannot compensate everyone for the money they've spent, they're asking the Texas Department of Transportation to clean up the roadways and businesses that still have remaining tar.

"We're not looking for business reimbursements right now", said President and CEO Jim Johnson. "We are looking for simply them to clean it up."

The chamber of commerce sent a survey out hoping to obtain more information on what happened to local businesses.

"Businesses have a lot going on every day, the last thing they need to see is a reminder of what took place back in August," said Johnson.

Rhonda Oaks, a spokesperson for TxDOT said if they could do something to help out the people they would.

"We're bound by law by the Texas practice and remedies code that we cannot pay for damages that occurred on the roadway. We realized that this is a situation that concerns a lot of people, but unfortunately, our hands are tied," Oaks said.

However, the chamber's main concern is making sure the city looks presentable again.

"Lufkin is a regional hub for 12 counties. We want the people that or either coming here to shop or use our facilities to see what we feel Lufkin is. And it's a beautiful town. The last thing they need to see is a remembrance of what happened last August," Johnson said.

According to Johnson, 100 businesses have responded to the survey in the past 24 hours and 25 percent of them were impacted by the tar.

Tomorrow, representatives from both agencies will meet to talk about the response.

If your business was affected by the tar, click here to take part in the chamber's survey.

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