It's Not Only The Average Consumer Who's Being Affected By High Gas Prices

Gas prices in East Texas are soaring. Drivers around here are now paying up to $2.59 a gallon to fill their tanks.

The steady rise of gasoline prices is not just affecting the average driver. Services and businesses that rely on vehicles to get their job done are feeling the pinch as well.

"I don't know what else we can cut back on. We're retired. We only get so much money. We're on a fixed income, and if we spend it all on gas, we ain't gonna eat," said one person filling up Monday afternoon.

Many East Texans are getting frustrated at the high cost of gas. Not only is the rising cost of gasoline affecting the average consumer, it's also being noticed by those who serve us.

"While we're not subject to a lot of the state and federal taxes that are already figured in on gasoline, of course, we're still feeling the price increases. However, at this point, we have not had to cut back on any services. We have not had to park any vehicles," says Greg Sowell with the Nacogdoches Police Department.

Gas prices are also having an effect on those who take our kids to school. One area bus company may have to consolidate some routes.

"After two weeks of school, we will review all of the routes. At that time, if we do not have enough students to justify the existence of a route and a bus, we will at that time do some consolidation. But this would also have an effect on extracurricular routes -- those trips that go to Dallas or Houston for the school district. The high cost of fuel has a tremendous impact on our operations," says Loy Walker with Southwest Student Transportation.

But, whether you drive because you can, or because it's a necessity, right now it looks like things may get worse before they start getting better.