East Texas instructor teaches women how to self defend

East Texas instructor teaches women how to self defend

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - They're moves you hope you'll never have to use, but Gabriella Roberts shows women how to protect themselves from attacks. She said it's something all females are at risk of and they should be ready.

"Thing is women need to know that it's not their fault if they're put in a situation or a situation is presented and they do not react on I," Roberts said. Because most ladies do not react on it and then later they think man i should have done this or i could have done that

While teaching a class at the Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun, Robert said for women to avoid the pitfalls of mentally lamenting after experiencing a traumatic event.

"That's ok to not react. Because sometimes not reacting gets you out of a situation just that quick," Roberts said.

She said she aims to empower women providing tools on what they can do in the workplace or other scenarios by taking a deep dive in understanding each company's policy.

"There are levels of aggressions but there are levels of de-escalation as well," Roberts said. "And so when you deescalate a situations if it's verbal say co-worker to co-worker then you're able to control your voice, low and slow, trying to speak clearly and body language."

Roberts said avoid looking defensive but you don't want to look weak or permissive either. She said if that doesn't end the behavior, then look into the company's protocol.

"Look into the policy into who you may need to report to," Roberts said.

Ultimately, Roberts said no matter what the situation, every body part, every move can be used to escape your attacker and could save your life.

Roberts said so often women come to her to learn how to defend themselves after they were attacked. The instructor teaches the class in hopes that she can prevent women from being hurt.

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