Lufkin winter chills cause icy roads

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The main problem for East Texans this morning was traveling on the roads as that winter precipitation came down.

According to Lufkin police they responded to 20 accidents inside the city since 6 a.m.

There were traffic jams, cars pulled off on the side of the road, and overall slippery wet roadways.

But still, some people decided to hit the road.

"Banks were closed yesterday and I needed to get the check in to put fuel in the car to be able run fire calls, said Lufkin resident Melanie Garner.

Garner said she wouldn't have been out on the icy roads, but duty calls.

"I'm a lieutenant with the city of Huntington Volunteer Fire Department. We're all on call," Garner said.

And luckily a lot of officials like Garner were on call because many vehicles needed help.

This isn't the last day the city will see these winter chills.

Tomorrow is projected to be just as cold.

"Our radios have been going left and right because people are getting out on the roads and we're having to pull them out and a lot of wrecks," Garner said.

So as wintry mix continues to fall this week in Lufkin.

It is important that we all are cautious while driving.

Emergency officials said if you do have to drive in this weather slow down and give yourself room between vehicles and allow extra time while driving.

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