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Gift of Love: Delanie

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Delanie had a fun art lesson in shading technique at Tyler Art School. This 13-year-old is friendly, outgoing and giving. Delanie says that the best thing about her is her smile. She is currently in 7th grade and makes A’s and B’s.

"My favorite is art, ELA and science and math," Delanie said.

Delanie enjoys arts and crafts, drawing, coloring and putting together puzzles. She hopes to learn a new skill in Art class this year.

"I hope we get to crochet but I don't know yet. That's what I put on my list for doing," Delanie said.

Delanie also enjoys listening to music. Some of her favorites types are rap, hip-hop and country music. Delanie loves movies, too.

"Teen Spirit, Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 and Wonder," Delanie said.

When it comes to being active outside, Delanie says she has two favorite sports.

"My favorite sport is softball. But I also have another sport which is basketball," Delanie said.

Delanie also likes to write in her gratitude journal and participate in Bible studies. As for her favorite meal, Delanie says, "My favorite meal is chicken fried chicken, fried chicken with mash potatoes and corn." And for desert, Chocolate ice cream with caramel topping.

When it comes to her future, Delanie wants to go to college and one day become a doctor.

"I want to be an OBGYN because I want to deliver babies because I love babies," Delanie said.

But before that happens, Delanie looks forward to being adopted one day and going on many adventures.

"I want to go to Disney World, Six Flags, I want to go to on a cruise," Delanie said.

As for her adopted family, Delanie hopes to have older siblings.

"I want a mom and dad and brothers and sisters that are older like way older that don't live at home anymore," Delanie said.

Delanie would like to have contact with her siblings that are placed separately. But most importantly, Delanie is looking for the Gift of Love.

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