Should There Be Liquor In Latexo?

To sell or not to sell? That's the question to which folks in Latexo want an answer.

Those in favor of a liquor ordinance believe alcohol sales would boost the city's economy.

"What I'm trying to do is [create] economic growth and development, create jobs; hopefully bring in businesses [and] gas stations to make our city a little bit better," said Latexo resident, Ronny Waller.

But many parents disagree. They say making alcohol easily accessible in their town is asking for trouble.

Concerned citizen, Jennifer Patton, said, "No one can give me a straight answer, when I go to the city council meetings, on how much revenue would come in. What I've seen in the other communities that do have liquor - the towns are just not upheld. Their roads are in poor condition, so I don't see how liquor coming into the communities is going to bring revenue."

Even though kids in Latexo can drive to the nearest wet county to try and buy alcohol, people in Latexo against the ordinance say they could care less because they're responsible for their own community.

Latexo resident, Jim Grable, said, "If they get it somewhere else, that's someone else's accountability. We need to be accountable for our kids, and that's how we can sleep at night."

Seventy people signed a petition to allow liquor sales in Latexo. That's more than they needed before the petition could be presented to the city council for a special election.

A special election on the proposed liquor ordinance will be held next month. Election Day is Saturday, September 10th in Latexo.