Christian Women's Job Corps

Women from different walks of life facing various problems are receiving a gift of hope from the Christian Women's Job Corps. Assistant site coordinator Helen Stevenson leads an orientation meeting. "And classes begin August 29th at 9:00 in the morning," she reminded a group of about four women.

Kyzzie Hodge will be there by choice. The probationer wants guidance down the right path. "My main skills that I'm looking to is computer, communication, and how to manage money," she shared.

Claudia McGowan is working on saving a relationship. Right now, her self esteem needs help. She's already feeling better. "The way they treat us with God's love -- I think that's what makes me feel comfortable," McGowan said.

The women are preparing for a mission to build life skills and a relationship with God. There must be an obligation to both. Stevenson told them, "If you decide to sign up to be a participant of Christian Women Job Corps, it is a 10 week commitment, and [I] really hope you can be here for every class."

After a serious illness, graduate Shannon McKinnon attended all the classes in a pilot program. Today she has a job and is seeking teaching certification. McKinnon said, "What was given to me was so precious. I can't negate that to keep other women afloat, spiritually, self esteem, emotionally. It's just too wonderful."

Following the orientation, the women were invited to an open house that introduced Christian Women's Job Corps to the community. Hopefully the two will serve each other successfully.

Registration still continues. For more information call Melba Tiller, Executive Director at 936-564-2952 or 936-554-9094. In October, a branch will open in Lufkin.