She's Back

by Jessica Cervantez

You can recognize her by her sign, by her car, and by the sounds of drivers honking as they pass by. She's Robbie Maxwell.

Bad health recently forced her to take a break from showing her support for troops from the side of this road. But now, she's back.

"My husband says I'll never be able to stop. Every time I get a letter, I just get recharged," Maxwell said.

Her roadside support has been getting a lot of attention. She has received letters from all over, including her hometown. Each letter means something different to her. Her mission now is to raise money to finish a memorial that was started in Huntington.

Maxwell said, "This is the only way I know to reach out to people."

There is now a lot of talk about the California woman who is protesting the war at the president's ranch. Robbie hopes it doesn't hurt troop morale.

She says as long as she's able to, she will be out there, supporting the troops.

There is an account set up at the Huntington State Bank in Huntington, if you would like to donate money for the memorial.