Residents In East Texas Town Divided Over Alcohol Sale Proposal

Voters will soon decide whether a small East Texas town will be able to sell alcohol is an issue that has the town divided. During Tuesday night's Latexo City Council meeting, the topic wasn't on the agenda, and nobody brought it up.

However after the meeting, plenty of people had something to say about the possibility of selling alcohol in their community.

"I'm against it, of course. I have grandchildren that live here in the community, and I love these kids that go to school here, and I have seen what it does to people in this community. I don't think God wants us to bring all that alcohol into the community," says Annetta Clark.

But some, like city councilman Larry Smelson, believe selling alcohol in Latexo could help the city's upkeep.

"People that's going to drink are going to drink. It doesn't matter if they have to drive to Palestine or Trinity to get it. We might as well get the tax money and use it here," says Smelson.

The citizens of Latexo will go to the polls September 10th to decide whether alcohol can be sold in their town.