Lufkin school shares safety protocols to keep students safe

Lufkin school shares safety protocols to keep students safe
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Frantic moments in the aftermath of a deadly high school shooting left parents questioning school's safety protocols.

"I just want to be sure the institution is valuing your kids' education as well as their safety and overall well-being, said parent Drex Johnson. "Rather than allowing the kids to come into school and do their own thing from bell to bell."

Ken Vaughn, the superintendent of Pineywoods Community Academy, said the best way to keep students safe is to be prepared.

"Also, we talk through those issues and go through those drills twice a year, but you're always preparing for what's out there," Vaughn said.

He said it's against the students' rights to pinpoint them for suspicious behavior, but it's up to staff members to keep an eye on them.

"To profile a student and say that student right there is likely to bring a gun or bring a weapon is not really a fair statement to each of the students. You have to know your kids, and the more time you know the student, the safer the school will be because you're in touch," Vaughn said.

Johnson's son will be starting high school next year, and he said attending school meetings and talking to his child one on one makes him feel safer dropping him off at school.

"Parents have to show more concern overall. Not missing school meetings and staying on top of school topics when the school present opportunities," Johnson said.

According to Vaughn, their use to be a no-gun zone policy that expelled students who brought a weapon to class, but now an evaluation is taken to see what lead the child to do such a thing.

The Texas School Safety Center website will give reliable tips and training to help school officials make safety measurements.

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