Angelina College opens food pantry to feed hungry students

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Surveys show college students across the nation experience what's known as food insecurity.

Today, more than 500 colleges offer food pantries and Angelina College opened theirs just yesterday.

"We heard from other student governments around the country that having a food pantry on campus especially community colleges would be one of the more beneficial things, said SGA advisor Alex Ranc.

So Alex Ranc and her colleague Jordan Lacaille brought the idea to their Student Government Association.

"We took it to a vote and it was unanimous," said Anita Buckmaster. "Everyone decided that they wanted to do it. Once that was done, then we could start the steps moving forward to actually start getting the groceries."

A canned food drive contest was held to receive groceries.

"So we did the contest and obviously it was a great success," Buckmaster said.

With 48 percent of college students nationwide reporting they have difficulty affording food, the Angelina College SGA staff hopes their new food pantry can help keep their students from being part of that statistic.

"Students can come and get food in a nonjudgmental environment with no questions asked and just feel good about being able to take some food home even if it's just for a day," Ranc said.

Ranc said the store is free of charge to students and they can shop during business hours once a week.

The Student Government Association is accepting donations from the public to keep their food pantry up and running.

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