Burn Victim Faces A Long Recovery Process

A hard worker and an awesome man -- that's how Vicki Currie described her ex-husband, 36-year-old Lynn Chance. Chance was clearing land with a bulldozer last Thursday morning when he hit an oil pipeline that exploded, causing an inferno.

"It's still hard to cope with," said Currie. "Everything's still hard to cope with because Lynn was the glue that holds the family together."

Currie and Chance divorced three years ago, but she still loves him and prays for his recovery. Currie said the whole family is grateful for the people who helped save his life.

"Everybody has been great. [Thank you for] the prayers that have gone out for him and my family and, especially, my children."

Chance has already had skin grafts for second and third degree burns. He's conscious and talking and expected to recover. The recovery process will not be quick. It will continue long after more surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay.

Lynn Chance had his first surgery last Friday. His family said he'll need at least one more to repair his badly burned skin.