Thundering 13, coaches received championship rings

Thundering 13, coaches received championship rings
(Photo: KTRE)
(Photo: KTRE)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It doesn't seem like it, but 5 months have passed since the thundering 13 won the U.S. Championships. Since then, the community has been not only cheering but also supporting the Lufkin Little League All-Stars. That same community support is how the team finally received their championship rings on Sunday.

"I know that they're all supporting us and we're all doing our best. It makes me real proud," said Malcolm Deason, a player.

One by one each member of the team walked up and were given their championship ring.

"I probably wont wear it though because I don't want it to get stolen, but I will think about it," said Lance Modissette, another player.

A moment of pure joy the players say they will never forget.

"It was fun. But I enjoyed meeting all my friends and just getting that (ring) by Brandon Belt. It was amazing," said Mark Requena, a player.

Lufkin native Brandon Belt who plays for the San Francisco giants and wife helped sponsor the rings.

"They just asked if we can help out with the rings and we said yea and they took care of everything else and we showed up today and I got to hand them out. Like I said I'm just pumped that they allowed me to do that," Belt said.

Head coach Bud Maddox said the community lent a hand and made it a backbone for the players to succeed throughout this whole journey.

"The town, they just embraced them and they've been so good about it," Maddox said. "That's the way this town is and this community is. Always been that a way. They get behind people that are good people and do things the right way and that's what these young men did the whole summer. It was just great."

In total 16 rings were given not only one for each player but the coaches as well.

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